Harivandana College Non Academic Event

Ganesh Mahotsav 2018 is organized by Harivandana College on Date: 13/09/2018 to 23/09/2018 at Harivandana College.

Stage Performane "Talent SHOW 2018" is organized by Harivandana College, to improve the talent skill of students. A student can participate in Stage Perfoemance "Talent SHOW 2018" Date is 23/07/2018 at Harivandana College.

"Fireless Cooking Competition" was organized in which "Tatva Naturopathy Institute" Director Dr. Rashilaben Patel was a pioneer. Many students have participated in this competition and performed cooking activity very well. all winner students were appreciated by the management of Harivandana College.

The first year students who got admission in the academic year 2018-19, WELCOME FUNCTION-2018,  organized at the Hemugadhvi Hall, on this occasion, Expert talk of JAY VASAVADA on "Kuch Naya Ho Jaaye?" and APURVAMUNI SWAMIJI on "Power of Personality" were organized on the occasion. The existing students were performed in various cultural events and give warm welcome to new students. 

Harivandana College women cell organized FASHIONISTA 2018 on a theme of "Traditional Wear" at Arvindbhai Maniar Hall on Date: 27/01/2018. 110 Girls from all departments participated in the event. Dr. Darshitaben Shah, Dy. mayor of RMC. Lighting the lamp other renowned ladies like Gayatriba Vaghela, PSI Dodiya etc. gave presence and motivated the girls.

As per the "Parampara" of Harivandana parivar, Every year Harivandana College organizes Grand Ceremony of welcome for the new students who are going to start journey of their higher education enhancement. Harivandana College organizes Expert Talk of renowned speaker "Sairam Dave" on 8th July, 2017 following by Welcome function for the new family members of Harivandana Parivar. This function is specially planned to plant the seed of "Moral Values ","Value Education", "Enrichment of Bieng" and much more. Harivandana College has invited dignitaries from the different filed of expertisement.

Harivandana College Academic Event

B.Sc. Chemistry Department organized Chemshow-2 on 03/01/2018 at Harivandana College 

Bridge Course
Professional Communication
And Soft Skill Development

Rules & Regulations
(1) Registration fees Rs. 500 /- per student. (Pay to the college).
(2) Corse Starting Date: 12.04.2018 to 04.05.2018 (Daily 2 Hours).
(3) Daily timing 10:00 to 12:00 AM.
(4) Litho material provided by Harivandana College.
(5) Attendance & regularity must require during the course.
(6) A practical aspect of study covered in the course.
(7) 2 Expert lectures will be organized in the course.
(8) A certificate will be given as complete the course.
(9) Professional behavior & discipline must be followed by students.

Harivandana College Organized Hardware Fair 2017 on 28/12/2017.

A Grand Success of Manifest 2018 an initiative by Management & Commerce department of Harivandana College.
A precious presence of Dr. Mahesh Chauhan and Mr. Yogeshbhai Poojara lighten the event. More than 400 participants had enrolled for the event and learned many management tactics. 
Mr. Yogeshbhai Poojara had teach Business fundamental and steps to get success in business World. 
The whole event was managed by the Department Head Prof. Vishal P Vasa and staff members.

Budding Scientist-2 National Conference is organized by Harivandana College, to improve the science skill of students. A student can participate in Poster Presentation, Oral Presentation, and Model Presentation. Budding Scientist National Conference date is 04/02/2018 at Harivandana College. The student should register their name online with this web, all details are important.

This seminar is organized by Harivandana College, to improve the speaking skill of students. Student can choose their subject of Motivational Seminar Competition, and they can give their presentation by ppt or speaking. competition date is 19/12/2017 at Seminar Hall of Harivandana College. Student should regester their name online with this web, all details are important.

Rules :-   

1) Time of competition will be 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.

2) Time duration of competition will be 10 to 15 min.

3) Last date of the regestration is 16/12/2017.

4) All participent should submit their subject/topic of seminar.

Date : 08-10-2017

Venue : Saurashtra University Art Gallery, Statistic Department, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.


Content of Workshop : 

             (1)  Dr. Girish Bhimani (From Saurashtra university)

             (2)  Mr. Sarveswarbhai Chauhan sir (Campus Director, Harivanadana College)
                    Areas to be covered : Practical aspects of Service Based Business.

             (3)  Mr. Devji Sankhat (Lecturer at Harivandana College)
                    Areas to be covered : Practical Aspects of Income Tax Return E-filling,  PAN, Passport,                                                                                                                    Other Online Application for Documentation.  

             (4)  Parmar mavji (Student of Harivandana College)

             (5)  Sakariya Nikunj (Student of Harivandana College)
                    Areas to be covered : Skill Developement



Other Areas to be consider :

  •   Bank Account Opening (Student can open Bank account, Please bring Id proof and Address Proof for KYC).
  •   How to apply for Driving License, GSRTC & Railway Online Ticket Booking.
  •   Government Schemes and Support.